My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

that mini vacation

ya know the one that i said that i needed from the real vacation? well, aunt sue and i were talking bout it and things seems to fall into place, like we were meant to be going to clearwater beach for an overnight.
so, i booked it. nice suite very c heap price........

then comes the clincher. i said I needed a vacation. I needed a break. I needed to get away. and what happens, the boyz decide to join me. AGGGGGGGG.
the lil one has been whiny and I hate whiny. the big one doesn't like the beach unless he can fish, which you can not do on clearwater beach. so he sat looking like he was in pain. yeah, that made me feel good and relaxed. ughhh.

sometimes it is just better to let US go and u stay home. kwim? well apparently you didnt', but I did tell u such when we got home. I am all for family vacations, but c'mon, don't act so flippin miserable. I put on a good front for ELEVEN days with YOUR parents. Suck it up at the beach or stay home next time, k?


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