My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

There is NO doubt

that life just seriously gets in the way of soooo many things that I used to have time for.....blogging, is def. one of them.

Last time I sat down to blog, I couldn't for the life of me even remember my password to log in to post......I have tooo damn many passwords and at work having to change it every 90 days to one that I have never used before just boggles my mind. Just about the time that I can remember it, I need to change it.

I used to love to go blog hopping and read, but NO time and with facebook on my thunderbolt and my tablet, it is just easier sometimes to keep up via FB. I know that sounds pathetic, and I am sorry for that.

We are in full swing now with school. It blows my mind that my "baby" is five weeks away from being 7 years old. How is that even possible? He is thriving in first grade and has yet to miss one question on math, spelling or reading tests. One year ago, he could barely read(and didn't even want to) while he is now going through MY classroom library to pick out books. Unreal.
He hasn't gotten ONE single behavior check this year either........and only one day on yellow!! His meds are working and HE totally knows it.

We are in our second season of YMCA soccer with Coach Chris. Lemme tell you........that man is a SAINT!! He has taught the kids sooooo much and seriously with only one hour per week, I don't know how he does it. Especially since practice is at 6.30 pm and their attention span at that time of night is GONE. We won our first two games and tied today agains the best team. Way to go RED THUNDER!!

This week I survived my pre-observation conference, my EET observation, post observation conference, ELP, SES AND our PTA Fall Festival Carnival. So, lemme tell you what tired means. LOL. Thankfully, a lazy day is in my future tomorrow cause I am gonna take full advantage of it. This afternoon we will head over to St. Pete to hit the pumpkin patch that we have gone to every single year since Johnnie and I met.......then dinner and then all of us will more than likely collapse. Dad's Club President outdid himself last night and then again this morning on the soccer field, so I know he is as tired as I am.

I hope to scrap something one of these days........lord knows I might finish up kindergarten school year one day soon.....a page here and a page there. Some might say, that isn't too bad, he is only in first grade, but PLEASE keep in mind, I have yet to scrap my wedding(8th anniversary was two weeks ago) or Joshua's birth, so yes, I am just a little behind.

We are looking forward to celebrating Joshy's 7th birthday in New York, so I def. see some winter clothing shopping in my future as well. I have NO complaints. My life is nearly.......perfect. A few xtra hours of me time wouldn't hurt. Then I might post more than once a year. LOL.

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