My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

what a busy........coupla days

yesterday started at the neuro by 8:15am. the traffic at that time of day is insane. why would anyone do that each day, i can not figure out. oy. good appt and got another rx for yet another med to try to keep me from feeling like i got run over by a truck. she also gave me two weeks worth of samples for the medication that wonderful pharmacy couldn't figure out how to refill so, just in case, there will be no more seratonin withdrawals. hooray.

got to school early, after buying 21 more bottles of soda at publix. u gotta luv a bargain, or at least i do. nothing like buying 3 two liter bottles for $3. then taking $2 off with the flyer coupon AND getting yet another 55 cents off each one from the coupon stuck to the bottle. my dad was smiling at that one.
ended up in a 45 minute conference with a parent in the office, oops, sorry Anna, I DID plan to be in the room much for re-arranging the furniture.
LONG plc meeting,(please do NOT get me started on all of the new testing and accomodation stuff that we discussed cause I do not want my heart racing that fast again), p/u Joshy(who would NOT leave pre-k classroom)., dropping him off at home, picking up KC and heading off to a new holistic vet for a 6pm appt.

KC luved them. First of all, he played tug-o-war with me in the waiting room for about 10 min. Someone forgot to tell this dog that he sick and I am luvin that. He is acting like he always has and he is SUCH a good baby.......THREE hours later, the vet tech dragged the doc outta the room and I didn't get home to have dinner til 9:15. What a day.
KC got a thorough work-up, accupuncture and a new slew of herbal remedies to keep him feeling good.
Ya know, I am not into "hokey" stuff, but at this point, the fact is, he has a mast cell tumor in his mouth. It is malignant, it is going to kill him :( but if we can do "things" to continue to allow us to luv him, why the hell not????????

And for those of you (like my husband) who are wondering just how much three prescriptions, accupunture and three hour appt with this said vet costs??? Lemme tell you, I can spend way more than that in about 30 minutes at Target. Literally.
It cost me $120. How can i not do that for my papa pup-a-kid??

I will keep ya posted.
LONG short(early release day ) for me today too.
I also had to "trick" Joshy into getting a flu shot at Drs. Walk In Clinic, but he forgave me......and couldn't believe how brave he was.

We finished up the day by picking out some new fish for our fishtank and he was tickled to float them until Daddy came home.

Working on crop stuff, have BOD meeting tomorrow and a WHOLE lotta nothin over the weekend. okay, gotta score some writing tests but that is relaxing.

Anna and I DID manage to re-arrange the entire classroom today and wanna hear this..........21 out of 22 did their homework and one did XTRA. first time for this group and i am feeling xhausted and elated.

Sweet dreams,

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