My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

putting it all into perspective

I just posted this on my school email internal account and it felt like it would be a good evening post here on my blog as well...........

I was sitting here this evening feeling very full from a delish meal and started feeling a bit emotional.
Okay, perhaps it is the fact that it is a SAUNA in my house........but as I am feeling overheated as well and somewhat frustrated by the fact that the a/c guy isn't going to be able to install our new unit until tomorrow(maybe) it made me strongly reflect on several things as our year wraps up.
This year we have experienced many things. Several of them come to mind:
*a 28 year old law school graduate who was a parent to one of our third graders have a MAJOR life altering stroke........
*one of our Kindergartner's family's lose absolutely EVERYTHING that they own in a fire in their apartment...
* a first grade student going thru cancer treatments..........first grader!!....
* for me personally, dealing with and learning first hand what it is like to attempt to educate and acclimate an Asberger's child in my classroom
I could go on and on........but I digress for I MUST take a moment to reflect on all that is GOOD.
I work at the BEST school in Hillsborough County........truly. After 17 years here, I would go nowhere else.
We are so very fortunate to have had the School Board make a fantastic decision with our newly appointed principal.
And although it may be hot in my home at the moment, it is a blip compared to some of the MAJOR things that others have had to deal with and continue to deal with personally and professionally.
Sometimes it is truly necessary to just step back and put "things" into perspective.
Thank you ALL for being such an integral part of my "family" and for reading this far!!

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