My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a LONG weekend for me

So, Friday was professional day for those of us teachers in Hills. County. Our 6 hours of training was wrapped up in under two hours, which was very nice. Then I got to spend an entire day with my ds and Aunt Sue. We went shopping(haven't done that in FOREVER) and I actually bought myself NEW clothes.
It was relatively xciting for me as I purchased a clothing size that I have NEVER in my life and i mean NEVER before have worn. Now, I could typically assume that they were just a pair of pants that were generously cut, but I came home with several pairs(all different brands and styles) that we the same size. It is truthfully not even REAL to me, but I guess it is. I still look in the mirror and see a fat person, but according to my clothes, I am no longer that plus sized(22) that I used to be.

After shopping, we went to Celebration Station and we played putt putt. It was so much fun especially because ds actually followed the rules and I am a proud Mommy when I admit that he got a hole in one. Now anyone who has known me for a LONG time(ex ex this is you :) I do NOT like putt putt. In fact, one could go as far as to say, that I hate putt putt.........however, when you are playing with one adorable little blondie, it just seems like a whole lot more fun. The go carts were an experience and just when my back was finally beginning to feel better-WHAM. we got rear ended by the same kid TWICE. So, they blew the whistle at him, BIG deal. Still hurt BADLY. My back may not be right til after the crop, but it was a really great afternoon.

The weekend went too quickly as it always does. Got bunches accomplished for the crop when Amanda spent the night and had a beautiful afternoon at the park in Largo for my teaching partner's lil one's FIRST birthday.

I took the day off yesterday-LONG story, but after running round town to THREE banks, waiting over an hour for blood work and more shopping...........came home to have a super pleasant afternoon. It is so much nicer now that my lil guy is not constantly trying to butt heads with me :)

Imagination Movers tickets went on sale Saturday and proudly, Mover Mommy and Mover Daddy will take Mover Rich with Scott to see them in January. I often have to ask my lil man who it is I am talking to. What an Imagination HE has. I luv it.

Tomorrow is the 22nd, which means in one month from then, he will be FOUR years old. When he was born, everyone told me enjoy it cause it goes too quickly. Yeah Yeah. Whatever , but OMG does it ever. In a blink of an eye, my little tiny baby, turned into a toddler and wham, as if almost overnight, he has turned into an amazing little man with a vocabulary that is just awesome.

Okay, off to start cooking dinner and work on the crop. i am going to be so happy when it is all said and done.

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