My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

it's almost friday

Happy Thursday. Boy, I am so confused as to what day of the week it is.

Uncle Bill was taken by ambulance to the rehab hospital yesterday. I haven't seen him but he is apparently very cranky, which I take to be a good sign. NO ONE likes to be in the hospital right? I stayed home with Joshy yesterday and Aunt Sue did take a break and watch him today. She said she needed some time with her boy to cheer her up.

Life is moving way too quickly for me right now. I had a marathon meeting at the ms office last night for the walk in march. LOTS to be done but we accomplished so much it was great.

Joshy's birthday is Saturday and still NOTHING planned. With a blink of an eye it will be THanksgiving and then the holidays. I am not feeling very festive this year, it just isn't in me yet. I am usually pretty close to having my holiday shopping completed by now but I haven't even begun.

It is going to be a lean year around here. I am going to talk to dh about NO gifts this year except for the lil guy. That is what holidays are all about anyway-the kids. We truthfully don't have xtra and I hate the whole buying and spending cause u r "supposed" to buy someone a gift. It truthfully annoys the heck out of me to think that I "have" to buy someone a gift cause it is xpected, not appreciated and never awknowledged. Oh well.

I would luv to have some down time to perhaps create some gifts but that isn't likely, so I will keep dreaming. LOL.

Off to make some dinner and try to get 5 minutes to myself. That truthfully doesn't happen very often, if ever, so I guess I will do some more laundry.
Good tv on tonite. Hope that I can make it up thru ER.

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