My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh My

It has been a LONG time since I have posted, sorry.

The MS Crop 4 Hope was by far the MOST successful crop that I have ever hosted. I could not have pulled it all off without the help that I had, so THANK you to everyone who pitched in and made it such an incredible weekend.

We arrived home at about 7pm, emptied the cars as we brought home a ton of stuff......including numerous prizes and baskets that were won by those who didn't attend. We got a car seat in the car and dh headed off to pick up our lil guy. Oh boy was he SICK. Poor Aunt Sue. What a trooper she is I tell you.
We ended up at the doctor on Tuesday and he had two ear infections and a cough like I haven't heard before. Bless his heart. He was quickly transformed into a medication induced lil devil but steroids are known to do that. However, after a week on them, he is no longer coughing and is acting like his ole self.

Tuesday also brought Uncle Bill to the hospital for a procedural surgery.......however more than a week later, he is still there. We had several scares with him in the last week and back to Aunt Sue the trooper, she hasn't left the hospital since last Tuesday. Scary moments but as of last evening, he was looking so much better and there was talk from his doctor while I was there of transferring him this morning to a rehab hospital for a week or two until he gets stronger. Fingers crossed...........

My sister flew down for the weekend to lend emotional support. It was nice that she could and now that she is in Virginia instead of Colorado, she was able to. Joshy enjoyed having Aunt Fran here for the weekend.

School has been wonderful however figuring out who is going to watch ds has been a daily challenge. Today is a half day so my co-teacher is going to just stay the xtra 45 minutes for me and I will stay home with ds. Tomorrow? who knows.

Joshy turns four on Saturday. Not sure how that happened cause it seems like yesterday he was born. We had planned for us to all go spend the weekend over in Orlando and take him to Disney for the first time, but with all going on with Uncle Bill, Aunt Sue just wouldn't leave and we decided that "Rich" can't see Disney w/o "Scott" so .............the poor kid doesn't know it yet, but as of this moment, there is NOTHING planned for his birthday :( Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

After 3 more visits from the plumber since returning from Sebring and more $$ than I care to admit, our issue is now fixed, replaced and repaired. Turns out that the topiary tree that John and Joshy bought me for Valentine's day 3 years ago had taken root INSIDE the water pipes, which does explain why it is so much larger than the one on the other side of the garage. So, we removed the tree and replanted it in the backyard away from all pipes and as of last night, have a new pipe out front. OY.

I am off to jump back under the covers with my lil man as it is a bit chilly here this morning.

Say a prayer for Uncle Bill and send me emails about what to do for a non birthday party that doesn't exsist for a lil guy who is going to be just a bit disappointed bout not seeing Mickey this weekend.

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Denita said...

Damn Jackie you weren't kidding about having a lot going on!!!! Geesh my friend. You too have a sister named Fran? I never knew that. My oldest sister Fran lives in Colorado.

Hope Uncle Bill gets to come home soon....I will include him in my prayers.

Love ya, Dee