My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

you know

it is pretty bad when u get "removed" from the sidebar.

guessing that I really shouldn't care but truth be told, I do. I wish that I didn't and I am quite certain that I will survive. I was never involved in being in the IN clique......

at this point I am in NO clique and thinkin bout startin my own. HA.

Happy Hannukkah to all who celebrate. We had a great first night last night at Aunt Sue's. Joshy and I got super spoiled. Not sure if my new Keurig coffee maker or my 1000 tc sheets are my favorite but I will let ya know when I get up tomorrow.

Joshy had a non-stop birthday celebration turning five on Nov. 22nd and spending a fabulous weekend at Disney for the first time. He lost his second tooth at Magic Kingdom and the tooth fairy leaves Disney dollars when that happens.
His firefighter birthday party last weekend was outstanding and thanks to our "angels" who took care of the weather for us.

This weekend has been wonderful thus far. We all had an awesome time at the boat parade tonite. Thanks Stacy and all the Bay Crest gang for making it a lovely evening.

My knee hurts so I am off to bed. Good thoughts and prayers for Stacy's mom and Linda M.'s hubby that are both in the hospital this weekend. Thinking good thoughts and lower blood sugar for both of them as they are both diabetic and suffering from complications.

I go back to the othro on Friday to hear the results of my MRI. wish me luck.

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