My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

oh what fun we had

we packed up friday morning after dh's conference call and didn't tell our lil guy where we were headed. that lasted til all of umm I-4....ha.

off to O-town to see Mickey and Friends. It was such a nice get-a-way and we had great weather and a perfect long weekend. Did Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, pool, spa, relaxing, too much eating, some s hopping and just plain ole FUN.

Dh is now back in Alt. Springs for a meeting this whole week. Poor guy spends half his life traveling on I-4 and rarely complains. We will miss him this week, but he is so good at his job and training can only make him better right.

Back to school today for me. Thank goodness we had a/c......hooray. Retirement announcement from the Big P and hoping that we find out who we will get BEFORE the transfer period in a few weeks. The "word" is that Little "P" will get the job and she will do great at it, but the school board does NOT always do what may be expected.

So, fingers crossed for a s mooth ending. I will post some photos from our Disney weekend. heck, I even got to scrap at the pool at the hotel while my boys took a nap on Saturday. Could anything be more perfect? I think not.

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