My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Birthday WEEK

In our family, we have a history of celebrating birthday MONTHS. It started with my step-mom whose birthday is the 31st of December. She didn't do dishes in Dec, cause it was her birthday month. LOL.

So, we have a great time celebrating. For me this year, it was for more than a week and I am petrified to get on the scale cause I am telling you I ate my way to and thru 43. It was awesome.

My sister and my niece flew in from Colorado and there was no shortage of opening presents, eating lobster and just having a great time.

Joshy and his cuzin Amanda thoroughly enjoyed each other and I had the BEST birthday in a LONG time.

Now to put all of my goodies away and hope to lose a few lbs.

Enjoying a peacefully quiet moment while my boyz are at Home Depot so trying to catch up on some "stuff'.
Enjoy your SUnday all.

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