My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Among the MISSING

I have been completely among the missing for the last week or more and that is all due to going back to work. I have one word to describe the last six weekdays and that is EXHAUSTED.......

Now most people would so, "big woopdiedoo you worked a whopping six days, who cares", but it has been REAL physical work. I am talking moving furniture, unpacking nearly 100 boxes and up and down off of chairs and tables. I am BEAT.
I now totally understand why it is that I am only allowed to work part time and I can't wait til Monday.

We also had Open House last night, which made for a 14 hour day for me. YIKES. Today, we literally got thrown out of the bldg at 5 :30 pm. I don't think that in 18 years of teaching that has ever happened to me. I am typically outta there when I am supposed to be. But, the room is as done as it is gonna be(however, if given the opportunity, I would go in tom, but that wasn't offered to us), planning will get done and Monday will go off without a hitch for us I am sure.

We have 24 on our roster, but I KNOW that they aren't all coming back to our school. We will see who shows up when Monday rolls around. Open House was BUSY. I didn't expect to have so many as I have had 16 of my kiddos before, but they came to meet their new math/science teacher and to check in. It was fun, but I am so paying for it today.

Joshy has had a very hard time this week without me, esp. the last two days or so. Aunt Sue has called a few times and spelled out how much he is missing me. He came to school to visit yesterday, which was super nice.

So, for those of you wondering where I have been, the answer is BAY CREST or bed. LOL.

I am excited for Monday and NOT going in until 11:30am.

Nothing on the agenda for the weekend, but catching up.
Have a good one all.

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