My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The end of Summer

Labor Day weekend historically marks the end of summer and the wearing of white, however, since we now live in Florida, summer NEVER ends and one may wear white all year long.....woo hoo.

For those that still live up North, it means that school is going to begin-yet I have been back in school since Aug. 8th.

I am still trying to get acclimated to a new grade level, new team, new building, new classroom, new reading series and a few new students. The most difficult aspect for me has been my new schedule. It is far from ideal and squeezing everything in just isn't happening yet. However, I am confident that the kinks will get worked out and that I will stop bringing work home with me.(fingers crossed on that one).

Despite my best efforts, I have been suffering from some SERIOUS insomnia lately. I am talking, I have been WIDE awake since 1am. I have watched infomercials on more products than I care to. Did you know that you can try not one, but TWO new flat irons for your hair TOTALLY for free(plus shipping) for 30 days????? One is ceramic thru and thru and has gems inside that keep it hot and the other one uses steam? Why would u want to steam the frizzy hair you are trying to flat iron, I don't know, but this one does it and Carmen Electra swears by the first one.

There are new pieces of exercise equipment that guarantee to give one the perfect abs for another unknown amount of money, vitamin pills that will make you lose every ounce of fat you have and the very best part is:

I will NOT be losing any weight with vitamins, I will stay fat with no new gym equipment AND my curly, kinky, thick hair will STAY curly unless otherwise blown dry by my most amazing former sil the hairdresser :)

I think that I will start taking some of my newer meds in the am as it seems that my sleeping patterns have changed since starting them and even my Ambien isn't working. NO sleep is NOT a good thing for me as I NEED at least 6 hours and I am def. feeling deprived.

Hope that everyone has a great long weekend. I hope to.

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