My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's the FINAL Countdown

I can not even begin to tell you that I am sitting here and that song just keeps playing over and over in my brain. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. How can that even possible? I have recuperated from my weekend away scrapping. I had such a great time and although my body has caught up on some much needed sleep, I am not completely unpacked just yet. I figure there is no great hurry since I won't be scrapping for a bit now anyway.

DS has been WONDERFULLY behaved since I got home, which is very nice. We went to Wal Mart today and I told him that it was a "Grocery buying day and not a Joshy buying day". He "got" it and told Aunt Sue that he couldn't get the Thomas waterfall he saw because it wasn't his shopping day. YEAH. No meltdowns, helped load and unload the cart FULL of nothing but groceries. WOO HOO. Some of you would not completely understand this, but it is a tremendous feat.

We spent a really nice afternoon at Aunt Sue's in the pool. He and Brianna totally got on each other's nerves(for a change) but I got to soak in some sun and just relax. It was very nice.

So, I am hoping for a day trip to the beach tomorrow and then on Thurs. I have my back to school hair cut appt. Friday morning at 7:30 am I must report to school for 6 days of pre-planning, meetings, trainings and unpacking and setting up my room.

It is still unbelievable how quickly this summer has passed and I am happy to see it end and sad at the same time. I am oh so looking forward to being back in 4th grade and I miss my kiddos. I should have 16 out of 17 of the same ones and I have missed the lil buggers a bunch.

I have two pirate-y projects to complete before going back to school so I am going to go and put dinner in the oven and see if I can squeeze one in before dh gets home from work and ds wakes up from his snap.

Have a great Tues night...........two more mornings and back to work as Joshy would say.(that is how he counts the number of mornings).

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