My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go away Fay

So we have been fully prepared for some NASTY weather today and so far(thankfully) not even a raindrop. I sure hope that others are fairing as well. Prayers for everyone.

Yesterday was the student's first day of class. I had 22/24 show up and I knew that the other two were not going to be there. Dismissal and the bus situation were CRAZY and car rider duty that is typically over by 2:35 at the latest, ran til nearly 3:15. At that point I was HOT and completely over it.
It usually gets better by the end of the first week and although I don't officially have that duty this week, we are all asked to come to the cafeteria and assist in any way that we can. FUN TIMES I tell ya.

I was surprised by a nice email when I got home from the walk ms manager. I have been invited to and graciously accepted the invite to a glamorous hotel in the Orlando area this Friday evening. There will be a cocktail reception and I chance to meet other volunteers and chit chat.

I used to adore hanging out with my school friends etc, but since meeting all of the amazing MS peeps, I realize how much I luv to gather with them and share ideas and fundraising stories. Someday I WILL be a professional fundraiser. My former principal used to tell me that all of the time and I do not disagree. I LUV it and especially love doing it for a cause that is so near and dear to me.

So, we are hanging out at home today, basically doing nothing. Johnnie is working from home which leaves us pretty much confined to the upstairs of the house and keeping lil man entertained up here isn't exactly the easiest of all tasks.

SO I am off to try to find something cool we can do up here. Stay safe everyone and hug yours a bit tighter.

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