My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

nearly done

with reorganizing of the playroom. my lil guy even made his own pile of "things" that can be gotten rid of. i am delighted by that fact because he was turning into his own little version of a hoarder-unable to part with anything.
however, he DID make sure to mention that he was making room for NEW things. Hey, it is a step in the right direction.

Speaking of NEW things. I am so thrilled that we as a family went out last night, just the 3 of us and picked out a new kitchen table. It has a marble top and therefore, I am at least somewhat hopeful that it may not get completely destroyed by art projects, model plane and train building and the like that goes on in this house. The BEST part is that it is rectangular in shape as we have decided that we are NOT fans of the oval table we currently have-for 4 more days anyway. When we originally purchased it, we only planned on using the leaf that made it oval shaped for company. Well, all good intentions, but the round one was just tooooo small. So, come Weds. we get our new kitchen set AND a side bar/wine rack(dust and junk collector) to replace the bakers rack that has also seen MUCH better days.

It will be a great addition to one former student's new apt. when she gets it and then SHE can worry about the oval shape(or take the leaf out and make it a nice sized round).

The weather is spectacular today and although the afternoon is running away from me, I hope to get outside in a bit and enjoy some sunshine and even the wind. GORGEOUS day.

Hope that everyone else is enjoying their Saturday and making it productive.

I also hope to get creative tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, even scrap something. OH MY.

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