My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

busy weekend

we had a very busy weekend, but got a whole lot accomplished and had lots of fun too.
i won a few brownie points i am sure when i told dh to go to the train show with my fil on saturday instead of attending the first of the two birthday parties we had on our calendar for the weekend.
i went with ds and we had fun. it was good to catch up some former teamates and teachers i used to work with and the kids really had a blast.
then i went over to aunt sue's to spend a bit of time with her. we didn't stay too long but long enough for joshy to get his aunt sue fix and vice versa.
after that we headed over to sp and met up with dh. quick dinner and ds stayed at the house while johnnie and i ran over to home depot and lowe's to do some washer and dryer preliminary shopping.
we walked out as I was on W&D OVERLOAD. who knew there were sooooooo stinking many. i was totally my father in Lowe's when I heard myself say, "Electrolux makes vaccums and LG made my old cell phone." It is kinda like buying a car made by Hoover ya know? YIKES> I have become my father. But truth be told, I just want a dryer that will actually DRY my clothes on ONE cycle not the THREE that it is currently taking.
Sunday was birthday party number two and that was in SP as well. We had a fun time with my friend Laura, her hubby Doug and their two boys. Joshy and Alex have been friends since before they were born-literally and have not missed ONE of each other's parties in four years. I can't say that about some relatives much less friends. LOL.
Dinner at mil's house watching the game-well, I wasn't watching. I was reading Simple Scrapbooks, but they were all watching their beloved Eagles' demise.
Today the little man went to school, I went to Famous Tate to check out more W&D and then ran some errands. I actually had about two hours of quiet time(how come school days for me don't fly by nearly as quickly???).
I never did get to scrap at all as I got busy hanging some pictures and dusting some shelves. UGH. no wonder they are so dusty, NOT my favorite thing to do by far.

So that is the excitement. Nothing new going on really. I have car rider duty this week and the high tom. is supposed to be a blustery and windy 54 degrees so I had better go and dig out a winter coat. Weds is supposed to be sunny but even cooler. BRRR.

Off to give the lil guy a bath that he desperately needs and then try to soak in the tub myself when he is done. Have a great night and HOORAY for what tomorrow brings........more change, but this one is welcomed. Ta ta GWB........may no one with that last name run our state or our country anytime soon.

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