My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

we rang in the new year with a wonderful new friend, the stomach bug. UGH.
joshy got sent home from school with it, brianna has had it twice, mitch has it, jaime had it and flew home with it, i got it last night and now john has it. NOT FUN.

other than that, I spent a great afternoon with my scrappy friend Jan yesterday. I worked on my 3rd but not final BG calendar. Remind me NEVER to make four calendars again. LOL. I got to do a little bit of shopping and bought some stuff on great sale. Also got a super sweet gc from jan so I barely spent a dime. woo hoo.

this morning at 10 am the last thing I wanted to do was drive over to Ruth Eckerd Hall for our performance of Imagination Movers, but I must admit, it was awesome. We had fabulous seats and my lil guy was up and dancing away. It was a wonderful show and they guys are so personable, talented and NOT too corrupted by Disney .......yet. LOL.

Low key the rest of the day. I think relaxing and recuperation are on our agenda for tom. as well.

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