My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back at It

So, it was back to school today. I for one, could have used another week off. I know, for those of you who are NOT teachers, you do NOT want to hear it, but those of you who are, get it.

We had a very busy Easter Sunday yesterday and despite my NUMEROUS requests for the family to limit the candy, only Aunt Sue obliged. I left an entire basket of unopened candy at mil's house in St. Pete and took home way more than I would have liked to. My child got nearly as many gifts from the Easter Bunny as Santa this year AGAIN. I guess that is what happens in a family when he is the only lil one for decades.........

I still have a TON of photos to upload and all i can think about is taking a nap that I am not going to get to take. I am really tired of being tired and I think a call to my neuro might be in order actually, but being after 5pm, that might just have to wait.

Found out today that I once again, have NO teaching partner for next year. Job sharing is amazing in every aspect except for this time of year when my partners always decide they need to go back full time next year, leaving me feeling like I am getting divorced once again.
I completely understand this time(as i have in the past) but it always adds to my anxiety having to seek out and find a suitable replacement. I will put it out there and then expect that it will all fall into place as it usually does.

Feeling kinda blah today........a good cry might be in order just don't know why actually. Off to go and find some leftovers that might be able to serve as dinner for the boys. I just ate a chocolate brownie leftover from last night and that might just be all it takes.


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