My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

doing the happy FRIDAY dance

oh what a week it has been and i am every so thankful that it is OVER. yikes.
between the fall on mon(still bruised and sore), the dr. referral nonsense, my fil moving permanently to FL,aunt sue having to spend the day with uncle bill at the ER(side note, he is MUCH better), one little blonde kid who seems to have a severe case of selective listening and the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae was locking my keys in the car at the pediatrician's office today............. I AM SOOOOOOOOOO ready for this week to be over. I MEAN it.

do you know that I am 41 years old and today was the first time that I have ever locked my keys in the car? What a pain. The pop-a-lock guy tells me that these new cars lock themselves all the time and he is right. If I use the remote to unlock and don't open the door fast enough it does re-lock itself. Joshy has been known to lock me out or be a stinker when I try to get him out of his car seat, but today it was 100% MY FAULT. no one else to blame.
I am pretty consistant with my car keys go immediately into my right pocket, but for some reason, they got laid on the back seat when i got him out today and there they were when we left the drs. office. oh well. hyundai has roadside assistance and the guy was there in 15 minutes, car opened in less than 30 and I wasn't late for school. Best part was little man sat patiently and waited and thanked the guy VERY much. LOL.

One of my former teaching buddies picked Bay Crest out of the county pool today and after being gone for 5 years or so is now back and in my building. So glad she is "home". My former teaching assistant came by for a visit this afternoon which was a NICE surprise. She was a fabulous aide in my PEP class with me for years and she has since retired. What a team we were.

Okay, I am off to try to relax. I NEED it. Have a fantastic weekend. I wish I were going to crop somewhere but I wouldn't even be able to find my pictures this room is SUCH a disaster.

Have a FANTASTIC Friday.

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