My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I survived the weekend

In Daytona was actually MUCH better than I had anticipated it would be. Our hotel was nice, right on the beach. We spent a whole lotta time out there as the weather was beautiful.

I will tell you that I KNEW that I enjoyed the Gulf beaches but after a weekend on the Atlantic side, I am more than certain that I enjoy the GULF beaches a whole lot better. It was a nice change, but even after three days there, I could NOT get the whole stop and look for cars/trucks crossing the beach. WEIRD.

The class of people who hang out there were NOT impressive. Of course, strip clubs on every corner and tatoo shops should have been a big clue. I can now say that we have been to and stayed at Daytona Beach, but give me Sanibel anytime.......seriously.

Joshy was absolutely perfect, didn't talk to him or argue with him once which is a refreshing change. he had a blast hanging out with Nanny and Pop Pop.

I had the chance to check out the lss in Daytona and really enjoyed a Page in Time and the owner, Mary Ann. I luv finding stores with unique items to the area and I got a bunch of Daytona scrappy stuff to use with the pics that I took.

The highlight for me was going to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse yesterday. It was awesome. John and Joshy climbed up the 203 steps to the top(the rest of us opted out of that climb), but we all enjoyed a fabulous lunch afterwards at a cute little beachy rest. We also enjoyed the company of the squirrels that would take food right out of our hands. Fun.

Now with our water issue solved, I have MORE than the usual laundry to do as there is some that wasn't done before we left, not to mention EVERY single ick towel used to mop of water more times than I care to count.
So, unpacking, laundry and more laundry on my agenda before going to school today. Then of course, I MUST get to the grocery store at some point.

I also have car rider duty this week-UGH, but at least it is a tad bit cooler than it has been.

Happy Monday to all.

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