My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun Saturday

I was woken up at the crack of dawn this morning-ugh. Some days I would give my right eyeball to sleep passed 7am-seriously.

We drove over to St. Pete and we dropped John off at his mom's house so he could help her take some paneling off her bedroom walls....this is NOT an easy task, but it seems they accomplished it all. Then Joshy and I headed over for a playdate with Alex and Laura. Laura and I met online when we were both newly pregnant and although we do NOT gtg as often as we should, it is always nice to catch up. The boys have been "friends" since they were only weeks old and now at almost 4, it is so cute to see them interacting together and really playing together. We had great fun although we didn't get to stay long enough.

I dropped Joshy off at Nanny's to help daddy and I headed over to the lss for a super cute class. Stacey is an amazing teacher and very patient, knowing that I can only handle one set of measurements at a time-lol. I completed my entire friends 7 gypsies album minus a few embellies and it is adorable.
the best part was getting to spend time with my scrappy friend Jan-who looks AMAZING after surgery in case any of you were wondering.

Her ds, James, came by to see his mama and he is adorable.........
It was really a lovely afternoon. I walked outta the lss without buying one single thing........and let me tell you, IT WAS PAINFUL, but I showed amazing restraint as I am still playing catch up from the summer.

Had a quick dinner with the St. pete family and we headed back over the bridge. DS is snapping and dh is piddling in the garage.......he is going fishing in the am.

Other than that a really nice day here in Tpa town. Hope to hit the beach tomorrow, maybe.
Have a great Saturday eve-

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