My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Sunday

Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.
I am up earlier than I would like to be for a change. There is a little boy in my house that just won't let me sleep. AHHHH. "Open your eyes Mommy" as he pries my eyelids open. Too bad he isnt' there later to actually hold them open when I feel them wanting to close at about 3 pm.

Friday I went to see my favorite-HOT eye doctor. Good news is that I was able to get away with buying reading glasses in the $1 bin at Target. YEAH.

Finalizing details for the crop next week and trying to organize my CRAP in case I get to work on anything-NOT likely. However, Iam going to the Creep Over in Sebring so I will need stuff then.

Have a gr-8 Sunday.
Happy Birthday to Linda's Lil Man, Taylor!! 13 already. WOW.

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