My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

what a disaster

Yesterday was absolutely NUTS from start to finish.

I had two tile people here doing the tile. It looks great so far.
At the same time, we had two electricians doing the electrical work.
About that time, the Verizon dude calls that he is coming to fix the FIOS cable that was cut during bulldozing over a week ago. YEAH we finally have tv back in the family room, although the unit is still in a zillion pieces.

Then I realize that I can NOT find my engagement ring. GONE. No, I didn't "lose" it persay. It doesn't like slide off my fat fingers, it just is NOT where I keep it and Joshy did NOT take it.

If that isn't the morning from you know where, I also realize that my front tooth is jagged and sharp and cutting my tongue. GREAT. I have no dental insurance and .................I am going to look like I belong on the Beverly Hillbillies if I don't get it fixed.

Take a deep breath. Off to work. School is going well. I am enjoying my team and my kiddos are sweet and "getting" there in terms of routine. I am all about routine.

Watch the news after I get to Aunt Sue's. A child I had in class in 2002 was arrested for talking about blowing up his high school. NICE.

I miss the social committee meeting as Joshy takes a long nap and on my way home, as if the day hasn' t been enough ...........I get a phonecall telling me that my Nana is NOT doing well and most likely will not make it thru the night. JEEZ. When it rains it pours and at the moment, I am getting DRENCHED.

Good news, I guess is that the phone didn't ring today telling me she passed. It hasn't been an easy time hearing of her suffering and I hope that the end will be painless for her. The guilt I feel will not go away, as I had planned on going down to see her sometime this summer and didn't. Now I am having anxiety issues about whether to attend the funeral. I luv my Nana, and Joshy luved her the few times that he was with her. He brought her much joy too.
However, I am NOT about spending days with that part of my family. PLEASE do NOT pass judgement............LONG story.

If the services were going to be held in FL I would go with anxiety. However, the plan is that they will be held in NY and I can NOT fathom flying up there by myself and dealing with all that alone. Yet, having John and Joshy go is not only an enormous xpense, but not probably appropriate or likely. So you see my dilemma.

On a positive note, I got in to see my old dentist yesterday(waited nearly two hours) but I didn't have an appt. He couldn't fix it yesterday, but Monday afternoon I will have it bonded and repaired.

On an even happier note, it is FRIDAY and I can accomplish "stuff" this weekend.

My guys are going to the Thomas the Train movie tomorrow while Aunt Sue and I attend a conference on the new MS therapies and survey results of recent studies. Should be enlightening. Then Dr. Ledoux is dancing for us all-she is a professional ballerina on top of being an amazing neurologist.

So, i am off to go make some dinner and collapse. If ya happen to have any idea where my engagement ring is, let me know okay.

Thanks all. Have a gr-8 weekend. Sorry this was soooooo long winded.

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