My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

sooooo busy

I am hanging my head here in shame for not keeping up. It isn't easy blogging and remember to do it each day, but it is even more difficult when I trying to keep up with TWO blogs. Sometimes, I am more active on the other one, so check it out.

Pool guys never showed up yesterday despite the fact they were going to start the tile work. Yeah right. I am even more upset that NO ONE from the pool company has called to fess up to cutting my cable and having the initiative to get it FIXED. Apparently they don't wanna pay. Let's just say I AM NOT HAPPY!!

On a positive not, you should have seen the productivity that went on here yesterday from about 7 am til well past 1am.
Val Mobley came over and took charge in helping to organize the chaos that is the crop for hope prizes. what a BIG job. Then my mother in law and sister in law came to help out. Mom helped foof up about 10 silent auction baskets. she is very good at that. sil helped keep the lil guy(and the big one occupied) and amanada came and took charge of the goodie bags.

It was a well oiled machine and we got soooooooo much categorized and organized. I def. feel much less stressed about it all and can't say how very much I appreciate their help.

It sure is nice toknow that I have such good friends and family.
Happy SUnday.

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