My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I admit that I start and end most of my days reading blogs. I will also admit that it "bothers" me sometimes when I go to a blog I check daily and it hasn't been updated in DAYS, sometimes WEEKS and then there are those that haven't posted since XMAS.

While I am nowhere near as guilty as some, I realized this morning that I hadn't posted since last Thurs so I am going to attempt a catch up. Not too much going on which is why i am guessing that I didnt' get around to posting.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we went to Jeffrey's 2nd birthday party at the spray park. OMG did the kids have fun. The black clouds held out long enough for them to really enjoy themselves. GR-8 party Lauren. Joshy was thrilled to play with Nina and Julia again. Twice in one week. What a lucky guy.

Saturday evening was amazing. I know this sounds silly coming from a 40+ year old woman but we got tickets to the Backyardigan's Live on Stage. We had fabulous seats in row "D" and the entire row in front of us belonged to the family of the wonderfully talented singer/actress playign the lead role of Uniqua........Okay I am laughing as I type how silly this sounds but for those of you that watch the Backyardigan's, this live show did not disappoint. My son was enthralled the ENTIRE time. He was mesmorized. They had the audience involved and at the end my kid was up and dancing in the aisle.(as were most others).
AWEsome show and I will tell you that it was so nice to see so many families there together.....all different races, colors, ethnicities. VERY well done performance.

Yesterday I had the chore of running errands around town-Wal Mart, Home Depot, Dollar Tree, Michael's, Verizon and some more I am sure. It was kinda nice to have a few hours to myself and the best part of it all was going to Verizon Wireless to have John's phone turned off. YEAH. contract fullfilled........$$ in our pocket.
Now some of you might know how much I HATE my chocolate phone. It is awful but I was not go ing to spend the $139 to upgrade early.
Well, this led to that and so on and so forth and by the time I left Verizon with my new motorola phone(that is PURPLE) i got it FREE and now save 15% off of my portion of the bill. So I walked outta there saving money woo hoo and got the phone service in my name with NO deposit.(which thanx to a certain someone many years ago who shall remain nameless), was a BIG deal for my credit.

So a quick catch up. Going to run over to school this morning and drop off the "stuff" that has been accumulating in the back of my car and then some more work to be done on the crop.
Miami Dawn & I did a whole lotta brainstorming last night on the phone and we will do even more when we meet up on Friday before the crop.

Have a great Monday-no it is NOT an oximoron..........

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