My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

what a difference

a day makes!!

i truly thought that i would lose what was left of my mind yesterday....juts NOT a good day all around.
but today was like a different child woke up. he listened, followed directions and only went to time out once-lol.

it also helped that we got out of the house. we went over to my former teammate Patty's house. BEAUTIFUL house in Tarpon.......Joshy had so much fun playing with her two girls, Nina and Julia. It is amazing how well the 3 of them play together. Nina is going to start K in a few weeks and Julia is about 6 months younger than Mr. Joshua.

They were NOT happy when it was time for us to go so Patty and I had to schedule another playdate for before school starts just to get them to put the choo choos away. LOL.
My former teammate Lori was there too and after watching 3 rambunctious kidlets run around like crazy, she proclaimed that she was NEVER having children. I could empathize with her. LOL.

I tell you, I am not sure how people who have multiple kiddos so close in age handle it, but I guess they do it pretty well. I for one, am tooooo darn old for that. So, I will be thankful for the one I have and often be even more thankful that he is JUST one. LOL.

Dh got home at a reasonable hour tonite for the first time in a couple of weeks. We actually all got to eat dinner together for a change. I KNOW that he is working hard esp. with his buildings with new office managers and he got thru the audit they had yesterday. So, I am not complaining.

Well, the pool is calling my name so I think I will end here and go jump in and try to relax a bit .

Happy Thursday and hoping to get some scrappy time in SOON.

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