My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


that is what I would have if I were a duck and the eight inches or more of rain we have received this month are perfect if you happen to be a duck. However, I am not a duck, I do not like wet, ruffled feathers and I would LUV to actually see the sunshine again BEFORE i go back to school next week.

Okay, I digress, it has been a bleary couple of days around here. The pool is about to overflow, but that has allowed me to get a BUNCH of scrappin organizing going on. I ordered some more of the Pioneer albums that I am using for my Photo Freedom organization and I have filled the six I already have. I am luvin it.

I packed ALL my stuff for the crop this weekend and it is ready to be loaded in the car to go on Friday.
Aunt Sue got thru her colonoscopy this morning just fine and got a good report. YEAH. I did not enjoy driving her there at 6 am........can NOT remember the last time that I was on the road at that hour of the day, but it was well worth it.

I am looking forward to a weekend away and catching up with Helen, Miami Dawn and "Big Amanda". (she joined us for CEC and Target last night too). Joshy luvs his Big Amanda.

Verizon never even showed up yesterday which is not like them. THey are usually pretty good with customer service and were more than apologetic this morning when I finally spoke to them. They promised to be here between 8-10 am on Friday...........hope so.

I hope to run by school tomorrow and drop off another car load of stuff, including the Battle Books I have been attempting to read this summer. I haven't accomplished as many as I had hoped, but that is fine. I will get thru them all in plenty of time.

Well, wish there were something xciting to report, but that is probably a good thing. I have been up since 3am with a scathing sinus headache so I am going to take my meds and crash.

Let's hope for SUNSHINE tomorrow........and Friday. I hate driving long distances on po dunk roads in the rain.

Happy Hump Day Duckies.

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dawn said...

As usual, I haven't even begun to pack. See you soon!