My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

One more morning

My four year old counts things(days) by how many mornings. When my sister was here a few weeks ago, she stayed for 2 mornings. When i was in Sebring for the Crop 4 Hope, i was gone for 3 mornings.

Well, we have just ONE more morning til my lil man starts pre-school. I am xcited as I KNOW he will LUV it. I have NO apprehension about the school whatsoever, I just HATE that he is going for the reasons he is going.

But, I am certain he will have a wonderful day. After school tomorrow, we have our 4 year old check up at the pediatrician where he will receive more shots than i am sure that I want him to have at one time. They were out of one last year so add that one in too. If it is too many, I will schedule another appt just to split them up. No one should have to be stuck too many times in one day. Which reminds me, i have only 5 minutes before I need to go and stick myself.

I am completely and totally emotionally xhausted. I spent the better part of the weekend at the funeral home and cemetary planning for a funeral that is impending. It is awful. Uncle Bill has gone from bad to worse with NO hope for any sort of recovery. At this point, we can only hope that he is comfortable and can hang on until Jaime gets here tomorrow night. It is dreadful......
I have cried buckets in the last few days and it pains me to see him in such distress and Aunt Sue, omg it is heart wrenching.

The hardest thing that I have ever done since my daddy died was to tell my son(who luvs Uncle Bill beyond belief) that his Uncle(and for all purposes, his grandfather truthfully) isn't coming home. I don't wish that on anyone.

So, the plans are all set and in place. I just hope that it is peaceful............I pray that it is. It is breaking my heart as I feel like the last month has been a horrible nightmare.

We all luv you Uncle Bill. JD3

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