My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Tuesday

Went to bed WAAAYYYY too late for me yesterday, well late for most. It was after 1am, but dh and I finally had a few minutes of peace and quiet and I got scrappy after that. Made a cute lil something.
Woke up tired this morning and before i had done anything it was like 11am. YIKES.
I have been trying to clean up as my sister and family arrive tom. night(not to mention the BIG guy who will be here too and he doesn't like messy houses any more than my bil Jason).

Off to Kohl's to try to find a pair of pants that fit. I have dropped several sizes lately and the 10P's are falling off despite the belt that is trying to hold them up. NO luck. I found nothing for me. Oh well. Punch another hole in the belt.
Almost out of gas and boy was it nice nice nice to fill up the entire tank for under $18. YEAH. QUICK and I mean QUICK run into the mall. Mind you, I am NOT a fan of the mall at any point in time, but the day before the day before Christmas, NOT my favorite place. It is esp. not fun with a four year old who also woke up tired and a bit on the whiny side. But seriously, parked in handicapped at Sears, ran into Sears, bought one item, and outta there. The parking lot was a zoo, so glad that I didn't have to deal with more than that.

Off to feed the lil bugger at Chick Fil A. He snorked SIX nuggets and 3/4 of my chix. sandwich as well.........then played HARD. Nice breeze blowing outside and although the grocery store is on my agenda today with a list at least half mile long(6 xtra people arriving), I did NOT want to attempt that with the mood either one of us is in. So, we came home to wrap the gift from Sears, and relax a bit. Hoping that Daddy gets in soon and I will run out to the grocery store before I completely and totally run outta gas.

That's all that is new here for the most part. I am also hoping to run over to the hospital. Uncle Bill is reportedly cranky today, but he has been in a chair for two days in a row and was moved OUT of ICU today down to the second floor. The man is truly amazing.

Going to go and lay down for a few. Have a great Tuesday all. It is nearly 80 degrees here today. NOT feeling much like Christmas but the Virginia crew will def. enjoy it.

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