My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday updates

Wish there was actually something to update, but there really isn't.

Joshy and I drove all the way down to South Tpa this morning to see another pediatrician. I swear that I am going to just have my entire paycheck assigned to PHA this month as I think we have seen 4 doctors in 6 weeks time. But, truth be told, I am glad they were open and glad that we went. I just hate seeing my lil guy sick. Another prescription and hoping it will clear him up.

Uncle Bill is a STRONG man as he is still hanging on. I am going to run over there in a bit as soon as John gets home with Joshy's meds. My heart is breaking for Aunt Sue and there is nothing that I can do or say to make it better.

We did some major straightening up yesterday in the hopes that we can attempt to decorate somewhat before the day ends. I will keep you posted.

Enjoy this glorious day.

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