My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wow, it is DEC already

I can not even believe that we are on the 4th day of the 12th month of this year already. BLOWS my mind.

Uncle Bill continues to have good and bad days. We truthfully thought that we were going to lose him on Sunday. I mean, I actually told him to tell my Daddy that we were doing okay and tell him about Joshy............
Then, he had a couple of good days. Last night they confirmed with Aunt Sue that he had a DNR order in place as even though he had had a wonderful day, it was rapidly going downhill. I fully expected the phone to ring before morning, yet it didn't.

I got to the hospital this morning to find him looking good(even better than Sunday) and cracking jokes with me. The last 23 days have truly been a rollercoaster ride and I am NOT a fan of them in case you didnt' know.

We did solve the "who is going to watch Joshy issue" as none of us could take the stress of the uncertainty any longer. Starting on Monday, Joshua will be going to pre-school from 11 am until 4pm each day. I was very impressed with the facility as it is very new and didn't smell. I met with the director, the asst. director and the 4 year old teacher, all of whom I liked very much.

We were there both Tues and Weds of this week and John and I feel comfortable with the decision we have made for the time being. Joshua will LUV the opportunity to interact with other children on a daily basis and I KNOW that this is going to be very good for him. My heart just aches because I didn't want to HAVE to put him in daycare.............I wanted it to be because we wanted to. KWIM?

So, please continue to pray for our family and the recovery of Uncle Bill. As I told him on Sunday, Joshy cried for two weeks when Jack the jack-o-lantern died and there is NO way that I am going to even try to xplain to him that Uncle Bill isn't coming home. So, he had BETTER get his strength back and come home SOON.

Hope that everyone else is doing well. Hug your luved ones xtra tight tonite and say a prayer for our Uncle Bill. thanx,

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