My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

we survived

the first week of pre-school and actually, surprisingly, it went pretty well. as far as i know, he hasn't been expelled yet. lol.

uncle bill continues to hang on and to be honest, i am more worried about aunt sue at this point....this is REALLY taking a toll on her.

the weather sure has changed again and it has gone from hot and humid to damp and chilly. but rest assured it will be eighty something degrees once again come monday.

we have no "plans" for the weekend at this point. it is pretty much day by day round here right now. i am guessing that at some point in time i will begin wrapping some gifts. i hope to get some time to complete some crafty ones and perhaps decorating would be a good idea. seriously, if it weren't for joshy, i would just cancel the holidays this year completely.

i am far from being in a festive mood of any sort at all.

the combo of the drs. office on monday, pre school and the weather changing has made my lil man sick ONCE again. i honestly think he has not had a runny nose for a total of 5 days since the ms crop. poor lil guy. his eyes look soooooo watery and crappy.

enjoy your weekend whatever u have planned.

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