My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekend wrap up

we had a very nice weekend minus one very cute four year old. aunt sue wanted to spend some time with him so i surprised john and didn't tell him.
joshy was there from fri after school til just now and oh did he ever miss his time with aunt sue. i am sure her target card didn't miss him all that much, but he took full advantage of that and made up for missing his birthday and christmas too.

we had a great time and enjoyed some quality time together. i scrapped a bit, we enjoyed childless meals out and our new washer and dryer arrived yesterday.

LUV it and saddened a bit by how much new appliances made me happy. Guess what my POTD was for Saturday
I also had a great time going thru my closet, organizing, pitching/donating old clothes and getting it all put back together with my huggable hangers.

All in all a gr-8 weekend so far and super bowl on tonite. enjoy and be safe.

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