My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sometimes it is just plain irony....

I got a FB message today from someone that I went to sleep-away camp with some 30 years ago. Crazy how FB allows us to reconnect with so many and share some hideous photos all at the same time............

Well this message was to tell me of one of our fellow campers father's passing away. In the same message about the death of the father, it reads about the untimely death of our fellow camper two years ago at the age of 39. Are you freaking kidding me? I had NO idea that he had died. Jon and I had reconnected on FB just a few months before .........he had told me about his wife and his kids, including a newborn little boy. He even shared photos with me.

Life gets busy and u check FB messages and wonder why you never see people online? Sometimes it is because you have been unfriended, sometimes because there is a glitch and although u weren't unfriended, u must refriend and sometimes you find out that an amazing kid you grew up with in Ft. Lee, NJ and went to summer camp with in Honesdale, PA has left this planet wayyy tooooo young. And you feel like it must have happened just yesterday because you just never knew.

It brings a smile to your face with the tears streaming to remember the gawky kid in the Astro's shirt........making you laugh and always sharing a hug. Then you google his name and find that some nearly 30 years later he wasn't quite so gawky but certainly touched many a life.

I am sorry for his mother, who has now lost both of her boys, but heaven sure does have some great angels up there.

And the true irony in it all is that I find this out on the eve of the sixth anniversary of losing my own Daddy. Sometimes it is ironic and ya know what, sometimes it is just plain sad. Right now, I am just feeling the sadness part.