My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Almost ready, I think

Had a nice Saturday yesterday. We took Joshy to the Largo park where they run the FREE choo choo's once per month. The lil guy was in his GLORY! I must also add that it is one of the nicest playgrounds that I have ever been too. The ONLY drawback was the heat. OMG was it HOT. Then we took him over to Nanny's house and dh and I had a well deserved and MUCH needed grown up dinner at Carrabba's. YUM. It was nice to NOT have to chase him around the place.

I am trying to pack for Colorado and get everything situated before my class tomorrow and our flight on Tues morning. LOTS of laundry to do. DH took lil guy out for awhile so hopefully, I can finish up what I need to.

Have a great Sunday.

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Amanda said...

Yea!! You finally got to eat out! And at Carrabbas--double yumm!