My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

From the mouth of BABES

"We had a great time tonite".
That pretty much says it all coming from an absolutely EXHAUSTED 3 year old!! And, let me tell you, he was right. He promptly passed out 2 seconds after completing the thought.

We drove over to St. Pete to have our usual weekend dinner with MIL and SIL. After we ate, we stopped for ice cream and then we drove down to the Pier to hopefully get a glimpse of some lights. We had missed the tree lighting in Hyde Park the night before and I was very disappointed.

We parked and walked around. Took some great photos and then spur of the moment, we jumped in a carriage and had an absolutely amazing horse/carriage ride around downtown St. Pete.

It was wonderful.
The BEST part of the evening was taking the photos in Santa's sleigh. Now you wanna talk about an absolute HAM BONE of a child. Check out one of the twins that hopped in with us and would NOT get out until he said CHEESE and had his photos taken with us. He was a RIOT.

As Joshy said, and I concur, we had a great night!!

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