My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The saga continues

Well, after 25 days of NOONE from my fabulous pool company showing up-I sent a scathing email. It could have been worse, but although this company appears to have great difficulty with follow-thru, they, can apparently READ.
I gave them two days Weds morning to show up before I proceeded with making phonecalls that I assured them they didn't want me to make. Lo and behold, TWO crews showed up yesterday. AMAZING. They were here again this morning before 7am. I am sure the neighbors luved that.
They have desicrated what was the sofa, loveseat, cushiony couch and are attempting to make it right. We shall see. If in another lifetime I ever buy another house, I will make certain that the pool is already there. This is one process I do not wish to relive.

The weather is fabulous this morning. VERY brisk and a nice change. Hoping for a wonderful weekend.

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