My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

long one

Good Morning all~
I am not sure that I have been so happy to have a weekend arrive in quite some time. This week, esp. the last 3 days were just overloaded and packed FULL and I was so wiped out last night that I was in bed at 9pm. I didnt' fall asleep right away, but once the Ambien kicked in, I was good til 6am, when I heard dh sneak out to go fishing.

I got my report cards done, held 17 conferences, scored and turned in two sets of demand writes test papers(what a difference from 3rd to 4th graders-yikes), completed and turned in lesson plans and managed to survive the craziness.

I have absolutely NOTHING on the calendar for this weekend and I am thrilled. I would luv nothing more than to sit and veg all weekend, but that was another lifetime ago. I am already altering a clipboard for a gift(paint coat #1 is drying), and on my 2nd load of laundry.

My lil man is healing well. His tongue is bothering him several times a day, but once the Tylenol kicks in(5-10 minutes) he is good to go for anothre 4-6 hours. He goes back to the surgeon this coming week on Thursday. His snoring is nearly 99% gone, which is fabulous. I think he is sleeping MUCH better which is both good and bad because he has NOT been napping much at all. BOO for Mommy, who enjoyed the hour or so I got from him most afternoons.

I FINALLY got my car back from Aunt Sue yesterday. WOOOOO HOOO. However, that is both good and bad news. She finally got her car back from the accident she had back in Sept. However, her primary doctor and my neuro have both agreed that she can NOT drive until they do some further tests. There is a possibility that she might have had a seizure of some type, causing the accident. I am so happy that she FINALLY went to the doctor. She would rather live in denial most of the time than deal with certain things. I adore my aunt(she IS my mom and Joshys' grandma) but oh is she thick headed. Hmm, wonder if that runs in the TINSKY genes. HA.
Anyway, hoping that there was nothing that caused the accident because her license being suspended for 6 months WILL send her over the top. However, I will add chauffer to my job description if necessary as there are three people in her household, all with health issues and NONE of whom can presently drive. Glad that I am here and will be able to pitch in if I need to.

Okay, off to paint coat #2. Have a GREAT Saturday and enjoy the brief moments of "cooler" Tpa temps.

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