My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

What a beautiful day!! The weather was absolutely to DIE for. Great breeze, sun shining and wow. Picture perfect.
We drove over the bridge and had bkfst w/the inlaws. They took Joshy for awhile while we strolled over to WSD and checked out all the make n take projects . Saw some old friends, made some new ones, as always. And, spent some money. Dh was standing right there at check out so I had to behave myself. I did find some great BG paper in the clearance rack and bought a couple of nifty items I hope to alter.

THANX bunches Stacey for the mini album. Sorry I forgot to bring you your stuff. I will get over there this week, promise.

We left Whims and headed over to Toys R Us, There is noplace like it to buy kiddo stuff and the one over here closed down dammit. We did manage to find a couple of birthday gifts for the lil guy we couldn't leave unattended. They are now safely in Aunt Patty's garage. I also made a short list of thing for other's to purchase as many people keep asking
What a lucky lil guy.
We grabbed a bite to eat at our favorite SP dive Johnny's. YUM. One of the best chx parm around, and i am a chix parm snob as I make it better than most of the places I have eaten it out. NOT Johnny's. He does a great job.
Joshy is still not eating, bur picking here and there. He wore out his Aunt Pat and his Nanny, but everyone had a nice day. I am now workin on three altered clipboards for gifts and can't wait to sink my mind into the stuff I bought to get busy on. WOO HOO. I luv when inspiration kicks in. Now to find th etime. Oy. Never enough of that.

I am beat and my meds are kicking in. Gotta sleep while I can cause JR. Mint is gonna be up at five am ish as the time change WILL mess him up, which results in the same for ME.

Sweet dreams and cool breezes,

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