My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

10 things I have done so far today

1. woke up and was actually able to breath thru my nose!!
2. slept til the sun was up-thanx Joshy
3. cleaned my upstairs bathroom
4. straightened my scrap room-still a MESS
5. found the missing paperwork from the generator we couldn't find in a place it surely did NOT belong.
6. laundry-always always doing laundry. it will never ever be finished
7. hung photos that have been screaming to be hung for WEEKS
8. changed the battery in the Thomas clock that I made for Joshy's room and hung it up(does that count as two things-lol).
9. changed sheets on all beds
10. sent some thank you emails

Wow, it isn't even 12:30 yet. lol.
Off to accomplish more like emptying the dishwasher. NOT one of my favorite chores at all. Heck, who am I lying to........there are NO good chores. I'd give em all up if I possibly could.

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