My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's all good........

So, John started his new job yesterday. Yes, he drove almost two hours to Maitland to start on a Friday.....silly, I know. But his supervisor lives/works in Virginia and I am guessing that yesterday was the only day he could fly in. So, it went REALLY well. He was a nervous wreck-so many questions. I know how he feels. I get that way before school starts each year. Even though school is school, each year is a new beginning. Same for him. He knows the nursing home industry inside out. Even though they are new homes, new company, and same stuff, it is all new. He will be getting his own laptop and a work cell phone too. PLEASE tell me(SOMEONE/ANYONE) how on earth to get him to keep track of TWO phones-LOL?!

I got an email from the drug rep for my MS drug. I have been "trying" for almost a year to become an Ambassador for the company. Ambassadors get paid to be at local events to share their stories and info with regards to the meds we take. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share my story and let others see that I work/function etc. However, the program has been halted for awhile. Nice of George to keep sending emails to update. I guess he knows the passion I have for this.
In the meantime, Doris, from the NMSS has a new "project" for me. So, I guess I will utilize my time off this summer-in between some workshops for school, to do some worthy volunteer work for an organization that is so close to me.

I am also busy working on the MS CROP FOR HOPE. Got a few more donations this week-several yesterday alone. Surprising that some of the MAJOR places that donated last year are not contributing this year. Piss on Red Lobster...........guess I don't really need their $15 gift certificate, but c'mon. In the broad spectrum of things, what is $15 going to do to hurt Dardin Rest. Corp? However, I am pretty strong willed as most of you know(ha ha) and I will NOT be eating at Red.........
I tend to frequent the establishments that sponsor me. KWIM?

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday. I am going to put away some laundry while I can-lil man is watching Thomas downstairs with his daddy. Then we need to go set up for the Community Block Party.

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