My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

ahhh Monday

Well, I can tell you honestly, I had one MAJOR busy weekend!! I am exhausted still and could easily go to bed and crash right this moment and it isn't even 9pm!!

The block party was fabulous. Rich went above and beyond with the raffle and prize donations. We inherited an electronic basketball game that is about 7 ft tall and in the middle of my living room. What the hell to do with it, I have NOOOOOOOO idea. John won a tackle box filled to the brim with fishing stuff. He was a happy camper. Aunt Sue won an adorable kid-sized picnic table that is now on our patio and the list goes on.
The waterslide inflatable was a HUGE success with all the neighborhood kids. They had a blast. Joshy was NON stop for 14 hours that day til he literally collapsed. LOL. One happy lil water-logged guy.

Yesterday was the perfect Florida day. Amazing breeze at a beach that we discovered in Tarpon. My back in flaming red and I am thrilled to have unhooked my bra-lol. John got to do some fishing and Joshy, Aunt Sue and I played in the sand and the water. It was unreal. The water was crystal clear and the breeze made it soooooo nice, didn't even break a sweat.

Today was a bit more stressful.......the last few days of school always are. I have report cards to get done and boxes to finish packing. I am trying NOT to get stressed over it all, but that is my nature. Only 2.5 more days. I am really going to miss this group of kiddos. They have been a whole lot of fun. The 5th grade teachers are going to luv them next year.

Okay, time to give one adorable blondie a bath and then off to bed for both of us.
Night Night to all.

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