My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Okay, so this post is going to so much more than a post but one HUGE vent and I warn you in advance. However, I have to get it out or I will go NUTS.

So, dh(not dear at this point in time) has been working at this new job for weeks now. He has stepped backwards into his obsessive compulsive everything has to be perfect kind of way and i am going to LOSE it. Feel better already.
New cell phone-in the car. Called Verizon to change voicemail and password-NO time
worked at home til 11pm. didn't spend two minutes with us at all last night.
booked anything for my birthday? no time
unlocked the safe for the cc to order my scrapbox? umm nope, forgot.
later, unlocked in there? ummm NOOOOOOOOOOOO
he knows he put it somewhere safe when he activated it. can't remember where. DUMB ASS.

His dingy blonde ways drive me absolutely out of my head sometimes....................
I know, Helen, "he isn't doing it to be malicious, he is just John "but heck, it is FRUSTRATING the heck outta me.

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Nancy said...

I can't believe you are open enough to rant about your dh on your blog! Aren't you afraid he will read it and get mad? lol Maybe I need a blog. =)