My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

what a day on Saturday

Wow. Despite my clear lack of organization & complete a total overpacking, the day was unreal.
I had the car loaded up Friday night and was actually ready when Michelle arrived at my house bright and early. We headed out to the Expo. I am so NOT a fan of driving downtown, but felt fairly confident going to the Convention Center, esp. since I had just been there in late April for the 4th graders Battle of the Books.
Made it down in record time, only to find that the parking garage was TOTALLY full. Couldn't even pull in there as it was all baracaded off. Oh well. Around the block a few times and got a nice shady spot by a meter. Got a butt load of quarters and fed that sucker til it wouldn't take any more(good thing cause time was xpired when I got back).

It was a fairly long haul-okay, who my kidding.......that rolling tote was a PITA even with the other totes piled on them. I learned later in the day that there is a "drop off". Live and learn and remember that for next year. Heck, someone remind me if I should happen to forget.

Stood in the will call line to get my tickets. Girl behind the counter knew me(Tpa Mom's group) and that is how the day started. I saw soooo many familiar faces, caught up with NUMEROUS ole scrappin buddies and left the Expo, thoroughly exhausted, but with more "new" contacts/friends than I can even begin to count or mention by name.

I picked up donations(not the ones that I was supposed to get but other ones), passed out TONS of business letters requesting donations, spoke to some of the nicest people, secured numerous future donations, shopped, cropped and yes, nearly DROPPED. LOL.

All in all, it was a VERY productive day that left me with a spark that made it incredibly difficult to fall asleep despite my lack of nourishment(yes, I forgot to eat anything all day cept for the snickers bar I was given at the crop). that counts as a meal or two right? LOL. I think that I finally passed out at about 1am, but not before I went into the garage and got the tape measure. Now, I do NOT normally go into the garage as it is a very scary place in the Palatial Durning Estate..........but this was of extreme importance. Because one of the very first people that I spoke with at the Expo was a gentleman selling my new very favorite thing in the ENTIRE world & there was NO possible way that I would have ever gone to sleep w/o measuring my scrap room.

You see, after seeing Jules' scraproom done last week, I was in SCRAPROOM envy, like you would not believe. So, I had Randy come measure for built in's in here. I knew that getting John to agree to this was going to take a little bit of prodding. Hell, twisting his arm might have been easier. BUT, there is very little that I "want" that I can't figure out how to justify to him......however, I was having a bit of a problem justifying it to myself. Actually, the biggest "issue" that I was having, was not the cost factor at all, but rather the permanence.

I am quite certain that someday in the not so distant future, Joshy will ultimately outgrow his bedroom as it is clearly the smallest of the four that we have. So, that means, more than likely, we will have to switch rooms. The guestroom is NOT an option, although bigger, it has the bigger than HUMONGOUS piece of furniture from Daddy's house that will NEVER be able to be moved and might as well be built in.

So, having my scraproom designed and redone was going to be a fleeting idea and passing fancy until yesterday..........................

This is going to be the solution to my "problem" as it is on WHEELS and completely portable. GENIOUS actually. WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOO.

Okay, having "issues" w/the photo. Lemme go and figure it out. Sorry to leave ya hanging. LOL.

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Jules said...

Sorry about the mix up with our donations. Linda has them and will be mailing them to you. Loved meeting up with you!