My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

12 Favorite THings of Summer

1-spending the entire summer with Joshy and watching him learn and turn into my lil buddy.

2-returning to the Kennilworth. It was sooooooooo nice to be back "home".

3-turning 40-not the best, but sure beats the alternative

4- my sister coming from colorado for my birthday

5-getting my dad's ring on my birthday . remarkably, he gave me a birthday gift from the grave.

6- returning to the westwind inn in sanibel

7-our trip to colorado and south dakota

8-seeing mt. rushmore in person. OMG breathtaking

9-watching them break ground on my swimming pool(mind you, they haven't done much else since, but ...............)

10. coming home from Sebring to find my SCRAPBOX completely put together. (thanx Johnnie Boy).

11-seeing Michelle's face when we went to the Expo.

12- cropping once again. oh boy did I miss it!

13-watching the 2nd Annual MS Crop for HOpe come together and seeing my dining room FULL of boxes and donations.

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