My Luv!!

My Luv!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


on keeping up with the blogging, but working my A*S off at school. Moving and unpacking, getting ready, 10 hour days, the heat, no a/c and actually doing the training for a good portion of the faculty yesterday has wiped me out.

sorry for not updating. i haven't had access to a puter at school at all. they are finally out of the boxes, but have no software installed and are not connected to the server as of yet. makes it difficult to get some things accomplished.

life is crazy busy, but thankfully, Joshy is adjusting to my back to work schedule. Thankfully, I go back to part time next week, cause this work stuff is getting in the way of the crop stuff, organizing my scrapbox and all other fun things I wanna do........(hear the whine in there?)

Hope to get some things accomplished tonite.

Miss Amanda is home and healing nicely ..........YEAH.

Big hug and lotsa prayers for Miss JEan. You are a strong lady and we are all behind you ma'am.

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